For more than thirty years I have been creating photographic collages. Piece by piece I create the scenes as a painter does. It takes me a maximum of five weeks and 300 to 400 separate, original photographs that I have taken, to complete one collage, from a single blade of grass to the large sky, these are all considered separate applications or photographs.

As a result I have devoted thousands of hours, acquired thousands of photographs, and travelled thousands of miles, all because of my undying love for old automobiles, especially the forgotten ones of the antique and classic eras.

Rather than expounding on the sad, however, I prefer to direct my collages to the humorous because, by and large, we are all much more receptive to humor.


Once I have chosen the elements I need for a piece - and that's a subliminal process in itself - I start to cook. The rest is instinctive and intuitive. A 20"x30" blow-up (from a 35mm negative) will be the sky. After that, 11"x14", 8"x12", 5"x7" and 4"x6" prints (along with the original 3 1/2"x5" prints) are used for cars, people, buildings, animals, objects, foreground perspective and final detailing.

Each element has to he carefully outlined to avoid seeing the scissors cuts, and then glued in place. Often a finished work includes a great car from New Jersey, an interesting character from Connecticut, a ravished out-building from New York State, Wyeth-type ground from New Hampshire, or a faded sign from Maine.

I find many of my elements by word of mouth, eventually photographing new material for future works.

All of my original work is for sale. It can also be purchased in any of four sizes in print form.

PERSONALIZED prints, which I began offering a few years ago, have now become a popular specialty. Write for information on how you can put yourself, your car, your wife, your dog, your travelling companion, your mother-in-law, in one of my collages, making it look as though your desired image is actually in the scene.